Who We Are.

how we started

Our Story…
 Being a lover of nature, I enjoy swimming in natural Rivers. This aspect of my life was greatly affected, as the plastic pollution of Wpa River got bad. Fishes were dieing in their numbers – The pollution was severe. 
With my background in Pure and Applied Chemistry and passion to restore the aquatic life, I began to research on plastic recycling and assembling my team.
Currently, we have recovered over 10+ tons of plastic waste from Wpa River. We have extended our focus to landfills, public places and water ways with our U-PAS Project we have collected and processed over 3,000+Tons of plastic waste from our environment.
Uchebuaku Enterprise is a Social Enterprise, operating a circular economy business model where plastic waste is collected, sorted, washed, baled or crushed and shipped to manufacturers that use it as a raw material. By doing so, we are reducing the adverse environmental effects resulting from the extraction, use, and eventual disposal of plastic waste.
Our long-term plan is to establish a material recovery facility in Abuja, to handle the municipal waste from the city.
Vision statement:  Zero Waste to Landfill
Mission statement: To create healthy environment and economic opportunities through efficient collection, processing and management of waste.

Product & Services

We offer cleaned, crushed or baled plastic polyethylene terephthalate to bigger manufacturing companies that use it to make finished product. Our business is solving the plastic pollution problem within our city.
We have adopted complete circularity in our operation unlike our competitors. Women and youths are involved in our processes



Tons of plastic waste collected and processed.


Tons of plastics recovered from Wpa River.

50 +

Women engaged in our Aggregation Scheme (U-PAS) 25+ Fishermen engaged in our TRASH4CASH Scheme.

Agwu Kalu Ibe

Designation: Chief Executive Officer
Gender: Male
Experience: 5 years
Roles: Responsible for Monitoring, recruiting, training, coaching, and appraising job results bringing strategies, increases management’s effectiveness by selecting, orienting, counselling, and checkmating other staff members.
Experience: 10 years.

Uzumma Kalu Eke

Gender: Female
Experience: 3 years
Designation: Head Finance and Accounting
Roles: Planning, implementation, managing and running of all the finance activities of the company, including business planning, budgeting, forecasting and negotiations.

Martins Musa

Gender: Male
Experience: 5 years
Designation: Head of Operations
Role: Supervise, hire, and train employees, manage quality assurance programs, and strategize process improvements, among other things.

Kalu Dike Kalu

Designation: IT Specialist

Prosper Ota

Designation: Technical Officer

Shoti Roila

Gender: Female
Experience: 6
Designation: Community Engagement Officer
Role: Coordinates our Uchebuaku Plastic Aggregation Scheme.

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